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The significance of modern and efficient airports can best be understood by looking at the rapid increase in air traffic over the decades. Two-digit growth rates in air traffic, passenger numbers and freight volumes, create a pressing need for innovative airport strategies within the globalized market. Competent design and engineering works are thus necessary to optimize the potential of both existing and future airports.

airport consulting partners GmbH Beratende Ingenieure (ACP) as Centre of Excellence for Airport Consultancy within the ILF Group offers services for airport facilities, equipment, and technology. ACP offers advisory, engineering, and consulting services to airport authorities and operators from conceptual design to construction supervision.

Most recent development of pandemic concern underlines the importance for clients of working with an experienced and flexible consultant like ACP.

The airports at Munich, Berlin, Leipzig, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Vienna, Zurich, Ashgabat, Viracopos, Manila, Tallinn, and Tashkent, as well as many other national and international airport projects, are proof of the capabilities of ACP and the ILF Group.

Based on the wide range of professional services and extensive fields of activity, airport consulting partners is able to handle projects of various sizes and complexity, from helicopter landing pads to large international airports.

Professional Services

ACP provides the following services:

  • Project Management Services
  • Planning and Design Services
  • Special Services

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Fields of Activities

ACP focuses on the following business areas:

  • Airside Facilities
  • Special Airport Systems
  • Landside Facilities

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