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ACN/PCN is replaced by ACR/PCR

Beginning November 28, 2024, the pavement bearing strength of an aircraft operating area must be reported in the AIP based on a PCR value.
The ACN/PCN calculation model is replaced by an ACR-PCR calculation model.

This is based on the respective ICAO and EASA regulations:

  • ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual (Doc 9157) ADM Part 3 Pavements – 3. Edition 2022
  • EASA Certification Specifications and Guidance Material for Aerodrome Design (CS-ADR-DSN)


The new ACR-PCR method is based on LEA “Layered Elastic Analysis”. This was already provided for in the ICAO ADM Part 3 of 1983 and was updated with the 3rd edition in 2022. Today’s IT technologies make the consistent application possible.

  • FAA software COMFAA runs out of service
  • ACR/PCR is already implemented in FAARFIELD

The ACR-PCR process is directly linked to the design of the structure of the airfield pavement. 

The calculation is more detailed and allows a more sustainable development of the pavement design through material optimization.

The ACR-PCR procedure in itself has no disadvantages compared to previous methodology, on the contrary.

However, there is no correlation between the previous PCN value and the future PCR value, so that a “simple” conversion is not possible.

The implementation of the new procedure is mandatory for ALL airports and aerodromes within the sphere of influence of EASA and ICAO.

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We offer competent support in the implementation of the new requirement.

  • Advice on possible procedures for the redetermination of PCR values to be published
  • Recalculation of the airfield pavement areas
  • Accompaniment of the coordination between authority and airfield operator
  • Assistance with necessary procedures for re-determination, e.g. measurements by third parties
  • Support / consulting for traffic forecast


Please contact our colleague Mr. Günther Dziddek at +49 711 351452-31 or send him an email to guenther.dziddek@airport-consult.com.

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